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Regular coffee hour after Sunday Mass

Above: A regular Sunday "coffee hour" gathering with lunch

You do not have to be a member of the Ordinariate or a Catholic to visit us. Most of our members are not "cradle Catholics" so they know what it is like to enter unfamiliar church territory. Wherever you are in your  relationship with the Church, there's always a spot at coffee hour (aka lunch) after the principal Sunday Mass. 

To register with the parish, please use the link above to enter your information in Flocknote. You can use the same link to sign up for parish communications as a non-parishioner ("Friend of the Parish" in Flocknote). Why register? We are a non-geographical parish, so this is how we know who is a member. Being "on record" means that each Sunday's pro populo Mass is offered for you. It is also essential for administrative matters like verifying "good standing" in order to stand as a godparent. Any Catholic may register with us. 

Canonical Membership in the Personal Ordinariate is not necessary for parish registration, but it is the norm. Canonical membership is especially important for those seeking sacraments for children or marriage. Membership in the Ordinariate is not limited to former Protestants or Anglicans; it is for anyone who is drawn to our evangelizing mission and wishes to join. The membership form linked below must be printed, signed, and given to the pastor. Printed forms are available at entrances to the church. 

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